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  • The Training Workshop for Enumerators

    The first agenda was the registration and document verification of all participants, which started at 9:30 AM sharp and was finished by 10 AM. The Workshop was then brought to life by a welcome song performed by three students of Sangit Bhavana. Which was followed by an inaugural speech from honorable guest Prof. Mina Dan of Calcutta University and a presiding statement from CFEL Chairperson Prof. Sabita Pradhan, which ended the inaugural session by 10:45 AM. The academic session was kickstarted by honorable guest Dr. Milan Kanti Biswas of Visva-Bharati, Department of Bengali, through a lecture on the Folk Culture of West Bengal. Following this speech, a practical session was held for the participants which involved solving and explaining Linguistics related questions. The practical session was over by 1:30 PM and as per schedule a 40 mins lunch break was held. After the lunch break the second and final academic session of the day started at 2:00 PM. Honorable guest Retd. Prof. Krishna Bhattacharya gave a speech on the Study of Marginalized Languages, followed by a lecture on Anthropological Approaches to Ethnographic Studies: An Overview, by Honorable guest Dr. Arnab Ghosh of Visva-Bharati, Department of Anthropology. The academic session was successfully completed by 5:00 PM.

    The second day of the workshop was greeted by the third academic session and honorable guest Prof. Shailendra Kumar Singh of North East Hill University, Department of Linguistics. His lecture on Grammar, Lexicon and Languages of India, started at 10:00 AM and was over by 11:30 AM. Which ended the third academic session. After a short break the fourth academic session was called into effect at 11:30 AM which consisted of a speech from Prof. Mina Dan on Language Documentation and Revitalization. After the completion of which by 1:30 PM, a 30 mins scheduled lunch break was taken. Immediately after lunch, the fifth and final academic session of the day started with a lecture from Prof. Shailendra Kumar Singh on Ethnicity and Linguistic Survival, which was then followed by a speech and presentation on CFEL and its activities by Dr. Arimardan Kumar Tripathi. The academic session ended at 4:00 PM. Afterwards the Valedictory session was started with the Book-Release Program, in which the book titled Bibliography of Marginal Indian Languages edited by Prof. Sabita Pradhan and Arimardan Kumar Tripathi was released. Prof. Sabita Pradhan, CFEL Chairperson, distributed certificates to all participants and concluded the program with a speech. The two-day workshop was then concluded at 5:30 PM by a vote of thanks from Mr. Rajdeep Ghosh of CFEL.


    The target was the Workshop to train the researcher in field linguistics so that they can help the Centre with its academic ventures. Where all the experts delivered their lecture in order to fulfill the aims of the event. Along with the experts, participants, organizer Prof. Sabita Pradhan and Coordinator Dr. Arimardan Kumar Tripathi the event was supported by Rajdeep Ghosh, Suvra Mukherjee, Suhrid Roychoudhury, Akash Bhagat, Sahinur Sardar, Arka Das, Kanchan Mudi and others.